Modern Maternity Care
in Amsterdam

In the Netherlands, we have a very unique system called maternity care, which is unknown to most foreigners. We value healthcare based on prevention. It’s our vision, that healthy and vivid development is guaranteed for all families, regardless of their personal, cultural, and/or religious beliefs.

During your pregnancy, you will be under the supervision of a midwife or a gynecologist. They guide you through your pregnancy based on your wishes and in accordance with your clinical needs and those of the baby.

In normal circumstances, you will have the choice to give birth in your own house or at the hospital accompanied by your midwife and a maternity nurse. In case of a medical indication giving birth is always done in a hospital under the supervision of a gynecologist.

De Kleine Amsterdammer?

De Kleine Amsterdammer is a modern maternity care company that consists of a personal and caring team of maternity nurses. We are specialized in giving maternity care to foreigners, e.g. expats and have native-speaking nurses available.

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What is Maternity Care?

The purpose of maternity care is to guide parents in parenthood. For this reason, the maternity nurse will inform and instruct you on taking care of the baby and will help you to become self-confidence in your role as a parent.

The maturity nurse will perform daily checkups and observe you and your baby. We will report your and your baby’s well-being and needs in the Growth Guide (provided to you during your intake). All our maternity nurses are educated regularly on the latest developments in birth care.

De Kleine Amsterdammer offers her services based on the principles of the National Protocol of Indication (in Dutch: Landelijk Indicatie Protocol, LIP). The standard package of maternity care consists of 49 hours spread over the first 8 days after giving birth.

We have a very tight relationship with other birth care professionals and all our maternity nurses are trained on providing a clear transfer of information to other involved caregivers.

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